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Thy Dreams Matter Pte Ltd and WAB Lab Pte Ltd officially launched a YouTube channel on 7 March 2023.

Our channel name is 'Be.' Which also means the way of being in this world. Are you going through the motions, not living the life you want, or having the desired dream? 'Be' will be unique if you need more clarity and inspiration.

Our intention is for people who want a positive and impactful life change.
At 'Be,' we believe everyone can live a spectacular life full of meaning and purpose.

By having personal awareness, you can create Transformation (BE ME). When you transform to be a better version of yourself, both in your life and work, you can have Performance both in life and work and together, WE can make an Impact (BE WE)

We offer a wide range of videos that provide practical tips and insights on unlocking your true potential, living with intention, and positively impacting the world around you.

"Be" is also about building a community of like-minded individuals who support each other on their journeys. We encourage you to participate in discussions, share your thoughts and experiences, and connect with others on a similar path.


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