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Jennifer Lim

Author, Founder and Principal Coach

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About The Book

Nothingness, it all begins with nothingnesses. And upon that nothingness, it is up to us to seek meaning and direction. Like watercolours to a canvas, we then carefully use this meaning to paint the layers that brings our dreams to life. This is the work of Thy Dreams Matter; It is a process of self-discovery, awareness and commandeering. Through this book, Jennifer takes us on a personal, and sometimes intimate journey, as she affords an unguarded moment to share a slice of her life. She turns her attention on the innate ability of a person to know and understand oneself. It is only through such mastery that we would better able to control our body and minds and direct our energies towards the pursuit of our dreams.

Candid in her conversations and oftertimes mincing no words, Jennifer provides us with a conversational framework to better organise our thoughts. Her own life experiences illustrates the many points of discussions and brings cheer and hope to the reader. Speckled thought the book are contemplative moments that invite the reader to connect deeply with her.

Know Thy Self
Thy Dreams Matter ®
Go For It
A 37-Day Journal

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