Dream Big, Singapore!®️
Creating Dreamboard with Passion.

Thank You For 857 Dreamboard Submissions!

What's This About?

Post-Covid for Singapore, we are a group of Singaporeans that come together to celebrate National Day with the idea of encouraging Singaporeans to DREAM BIG with the making of dreamboards.

This time, we shall attempt to break the Singapore Book of Record with the largest number of dreamboards displays. (Goal: 570 dreamboards)

In addition, we donated $857 for the dreamboards that were submitted to fund the program at Friends of Beautiful People.

Why Are We Doing This?

"Majulah – Onward Singapore!”

We truly believe in the Power of Dreams. As we recover from Post Covid as a Nation and align to NDP Theme 2022 of “Stronger Together, Majulah!” Let us be reminded of what is possible for Singapore and our life when we put our dreams together as a Nation.

What Makes a Dream Board?

  1. Use Powerpoint and size to A3
  2. It has to have a minimum of 5 images - this means there must be a total of 5 images at least, you can have more if you want 🙂
  3. Remember to sign off with your name as a symbol of owning your dream!


Set your dreamboard with at least one image to best represent each of the following 5 themes:

  • dreams of what you envision for Singapore (eg: more changemakers)
  • dream of your personal life achievement (eg: traveling around the world)
  • dream of your health (eg: losing weight)
  • dream of your relationship (eg: closer with your family members)
  • dream of your wealth (eg: a meaningful career)

How Does a Dream Board Look Like?