Is Coaching Only for the Rich?


This is simply not true.

Anyone can and should hire a coach.

People hire a life coach for many reasons, but primarily because:

  • They know they have untapped potential and need help unlock it.
  • They know they can grow further, but can’t break out of a ceiling.
  • They know they can do more, earn more, achieve more… if only they could focus on a vision.

Unlock, grow and achieve. That’s what a life coach is there to do.

If you’re a young person, a coach can help you figure out your calling in life early.

If you’re quarter way through life and career, a coach can help you with a breakthrough and achieve your goals fast

If you’re mid-career, a coach can help you re-assess, re-strategize and review how you’re doing so far and be a sounding board for you to bounce and develop new ideas.



Wherever you are in life, having a coach can springboard you to greater heights. Have chat with me to see how we can work together. Its only a chat, there is no risk greater than rejecting yourself.

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Sessions are 30mins, held on Zoom.


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